Growing up I listened to music played by several Djs I loved whether paying attention or not music rang in my ears. Now that I am studying Audio I have a different mindset learning more critical listening to different types of genres. House music is one genre that I believe I do love and so it’s important to know the roots or the beginnings of House.

It said House music is a daughter to Dance genre (Disco) which is another style of music that has a stable beats. Before House the was Disco which elevated in the late 70s set a pace in nightclub music with a 110-130 bpm starting a new wave of DJ culture in the New York Synths & drum machines began to replace live bands & orchestras used in traditional disco records in the 80s.

House music difference is its groove and soul with a digital R&B fun, cosiness & feeling. There has been much debate about who pioneered this particular genre but story of it starting in a warehouse nightclub in Chicago seems to be the much accepted account. Frankie Knuckles is said to have establish a discrete sound using electronic drum machines such as Roland TR-808, TR-909 & TB-303 for Acid House.

Using a reel to reel tape machine, Frankie remixed songs adding percussion breaks, regrouping sections and tempo adding energetic parts in songs. he is also credited for editing disco classics, funk, electro-pop, soul and other genres creating more mixes configured to make the people dance. It has been recite that record stores sold more of these records and labelled as played at the Warehouse which then in short became House music.

House music is characterised with an anchored direct 4/4 rhythm ranging between 120 & 130 bpm with a distinct kick drum on the quarter bar. House music during the late 80s & early 90s was played round the world and its effect grew within different cultures creating many more sub-genres such as Detroit Techno, Acid House, Hip House, Hard House and many more.

I do believe more subgenres will emerge from House music with some already emerged in 2015 such as Future House. The more there is freedom in experimenting the more more new content gets created. I foresee this style of music evolving and developing through globalization through cultural changes, cross genre influences and more emerging technology

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