CLO1 (Soft Skills/Transferable Skills – Project Management)

We spent week 1 finding a project and create a plan, we then created weekly objectives to always be on track with the project, chose 1 scratch track as final deliverables and finally reach out to Animation student to create the cover artwork and animation.

Issues that happened: personally, it was my first time playing two genres mixed together to make one track and so I lacked experience and I believe it slowed down my work, I also never used Ableton and Logic Pro X before so had to learn from class tutorials from scratch and the genre, electronic lo-fi songs that I am not familiar with. The positive outcomes of the project are for me the feeling of fulfilment, having delivered what is said I would, I gained more experience at teamwork in general, and communication, as well as planning a project on a long period of time. I Learned how to use Pro Tools efficiently and I am more experienced at composing.CLO2 (Hard Skills/ Creative Work)

 The creative process of our project was pretty on personal as we all had different skills which did compliment a lot. With a theatrical reference I sampled different kinds of sounds such as organs and pianos that do have the theatrical feel in them and then played along with the guitar that Roy had played to give me an idea of chords and style of the song.

Things that could be improved are the decision making, I think that in my creative process I take too much time choosing what I want to incorporate and it does slow down the whole process, this problem can be fixed by being more experienced at composing, knowing what works and what doesn’t. I also think that my lack of knowledge of that genre of music was an issue for, I am not familiar with it and so I do believe that my work would have been better if I did more research on the genre.

Finally, I think that I have a lot of improvement to make on mixing, I know that my final deliverables could have been better if I was more qualified, skilled and familiar with mixing. CLO4 (Reflection on the Planning – Usually done at final stages)We had our plan all together in week 1 to have live drums recorded by our drummer and unfortunately there was quite some technical issues he faced that weekend. Therefore we resort to recording drums in week 2 in the Neve studio. After this plan in mind, we created a weekly objective format plan to follow. So the pre-production plan was only finalised when all the planning was done so we wouldn’t have to change it afterwards.  Having the pre-production plan made knowing that this is how the whole six weeks are going to be, really helped us working efficiently without having to stress unnecessarily, and helped us know what was done and what was still to be done. The intense planning we made before starting the project was really helpful and we did stick to it really well by respecting the due date we made for ourselves.CLO6 (Interdisciplinary Activity)

For our Interdisciplinary Activity, we collaborated with Sarah an animation student from SAE, She did take a little bit of time to come up with a design choice of animation and I feel probably that the brief was not explained thoroughly to her. For the next project I think it’s best to explain the brief to whoever we collaborate with and allow them to have the freedom come up with options on the designs they come up with after we explain to them or even show some sketches.

CLO7 (Teamwork)
In regards to teamwork, I believe that as a group we have good teamwork and communication, creating messenger group and a google drive folder shared by all of us to share ideas and progress on the project. We had weekly meetings to talk about how the overall project is going and checking if everyone was alright or had any difficulties with anything, regarding the project or personal. This experience taught me many hard skills as well as soft skills, I learned my way around Ableton with Lynda but also with my practising more. However, I value the soft skills that I improve more, like group planning(agreeing on a set of objectives that are achievable for everyone taking in count the strengths and weaknesses of all the members)  and the responsibility we all had as individuals that ultimately affected the project, how to share ideas (through regular meeting in person, via messenger at any time and via google drive to implement new ideas on others work) and implement them efficiently, how to disagree with a team member productively(For example to keep the project on track we had to disagree once or twice about reshaping the project again to ensure the quality of the deliverables), how to keep the excitement of the project going and how to fairly distribute the workload.

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