In this class session we pretty much had time to discuss with our lecturer on our group and individual progress helping us to progress on our LOs if we are getting them ticked off. As an individual I still need to have them ticked and some of the LOs that are required are group focused. Had time to talk to my group members on how we can efficiently have our LOs updated.

I also had the opportunity to discuss with one of my classmates who inspires me with his work and progress. I took time to discuss learning outcomes one by one getting his input so that I can improve myself. I valued his feedback as it gave me a jumpstart on progressing and a good challenge to manage on my time.

I also got the point of having to learn more on midi sequencing with my classmate and later on I took time at home to continue doing it and creating some music. I believe the time I spent with my colleague was very fruitful and will cherish all the input he gave me.

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